How to stay raw when you spend lots of time on the road - RAW FOOD

The key is to be prepared.

As I mentioned ealier, rich smoothies with extra whole flour (for extra carbs) is an excellent option.

A lunch box with a fresh salad is a good one as well of course.

Again, with salad, you can always mix it with some raw flour to ad more solidity to it.

If you checked my vids, you already got lots of recipe ideas and most of these preparations can be taken when you travel.

You need 15 min in the morning to get it ready!

That's all.

If you tend to stress up in the morning you can prepare some of these the day before.

Smoothies even if they lose a bit of their freshness do stay ok for 24 hours.

Nuts, fresh fruit, some carrots and other vegetables are all more ideas for snacks.

Stay focused! The fact that you are on the road is no excuse to stop with your raw food strategies.


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