Make your home exercise ready - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

You need to create an environment which is conductive to exercising easily.

If every time you want to train, it takes you 5 min to prepare the space, you will miss dozens of opportunities for short training sessions.

Here are some ideas:
  • Get some small weights and keep them around.
  • Create a space on the floor big enough to lay your yoga mat and be able to easily move in all directions.
  • If you work from home, wear clothes which are comfortable enough without having to change the minute you want to exercise.
  • Have a bar somewhere in your garden or in the house that you can use for pull ups.
  • Clear clutter and create space.
  • If you like the idea, invest in a couple of training machines - getting a cross trainer sounds like a good choice.
  • Get a swiss exercise ball for abs, back and balance practices.
  • Get some training elastics - This is the simplest training gear you can get and will give you instantly dozens of exercises you can practice straight away.
  • Get a jumping rope.
  • Get a pair of jogging shoes.
  • Subscribe to a couple of fitness magazines like men's health or women's health - Seing pictures of fit bodies will be a reminder of the type of target you want to reach.
  • Etc.
If your personal environment is filled with small training reminders, you will naturally engage in these exercises without thinking about it.

You will start with small steps and within a month realize that you are already moving your body much more than before.

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