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The term ashram means spiritual center in Sanskrit. It is the equivalent of monastery in the west.

Ashrams are usually dedicated to a master and its teaching.

There are thousands of Ashrams in India and a few hundreds around the world as well.

The inner significance of an ashram goes far beyond its physical reality.

It is the manifestation of a mind seed and focuses energy and power around it. In occult terminology, you could see and ashram as the manifestation of Shamballa on the planet. This would mean that ashrams are the way knowledge and inspiration is transmitted into humankind. It is like a bridge to deeper levels of consciousness and understanding.

We can extend this definition to much more than ashrams. An old temple in Greece dedicated to the goddess Athena would play a similar role.

Mecca for the Muslim tradition or mount Sinai for the Christians.

You can cross the Himalayas and encounter hundreds of spiritual spots. I hear that it takes 4 years to go through the whole pilgrimage of these Buddhist spiritual spots in the Himalayas.

What is common to all these? It's the fact that they are some form of manifestation of consciousness on the planet. There are thousands of of them around the planet.

Some are visible and well known with a physical temple actually built on the spot. Some others are totally invisible and it is just nature that you'll find there.

These spots play a significant role in human evolution. They are not limited to a faith or religion. They represent bridges of consciousness.

The map of these spots could be the invisible spiritual net of the planet. It is an invisible architecture which sustains human consciousness.

The manifestation of a new ashram happens in the strangest way. It's as if an invisible force was guiding its manifestation. It's not like a rational decision. It feels and sounds much more like an organic reaction, a very subtle balance of forces which react like a refined ecosystem

The ultimate manifestation of the ashram itself is linked with an inner decision from an intelligence which goes beyond the human rational mind.

It is a form of initiation for humankind.

Talking about ashrams is simply suggesting an "inner story for the manifestation of such spots. There is magic behind it.

The net of spiritual centers around the world is one of the key architectures which sustains human consciousness. There are of course other types of consciousness networks. One of the major concentration of consciousness is of course centered around individuals like you and I.

Our minds represent as well bridges between the invisible and manifestation. If it wasn't for our actions, temples would not be built and these structures would remain unmanifested invisible to the human eye,

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