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Shamballa is the perfect evolution archetype for humankind. It is the mind model of evolution for the planet. It contains all possible mind patterns.

The hierarchy reflects the reality of Shamballa into humankind.

The hierarchy is the communion of saints or initiates which acts as a bridge between Shamballa and humankind.

Shamballa is an outer auric field enveloping the planet. It is a layer of energy which does not touch the physical body of the earth but remains suspended around the planet.

Shamballa is a “mind body”. It is constituted by light patterns which are being transmitted to humankind or being integrated by humankind throughout its evolution.

It has been there almost from the beginning of human evolution and will stay around the planet until it is fully integrated or "digested" by humankind.

Shamballa is like the raw spiritual material which is used to create the human mind.

Human evolution will come to the end of its cycle the day the full content of Shamballa is integrated into the human mind and the human race reaches the end of this cycle.

In a way we can say that Shamballa is guiding human evolution

Is Shamballa a deity or a god?

It is more some form of static "crystalline" body.

The way we perceive deities is very limited. We personify them and give them humanlike bodies and tend to romanticize their lives giving them human emotions and thoughts and speech the way we use it.

It’s time to think of deities in an expanded way. Deities are fields of life force and intelligence. We have to let go of this humanlike body perception.

I don’t think our mind can comprehend the full dimension and extension of a deity. We are like really small beings standing in front of intelligences which are much, much vaster than we are.

We tend to reduce them to something we can intuitively comprehend, but the truth feels much vaster than that.

I don’t know facts myself. I simply have intuitive visions of what it could be, and these visions are only the limited interpretation of my mind at this stage. It is not THE truth, or the absolute. It is only a simple vision and perception.

Intuition is the main tool to envision our spiritual reality. We have intuitive visions or perceptions of what the world beyond our physical reality can be.

Sometimes, humankind tends to reduce its visions to something almost childish or naïve.

Think bigger than that.

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