Should you leave your wife? - ARTICLE

Of course not.

A midlife crisis is not a reason good enough to drop it all.

What you want right now is to maintain the structures which sustain your life and at the same time create space to invite fresh energy and inspiration in your existence.

Your relationship is not the cause of what happens now.

The love you share with your wife is not a limiting element.

If you need space, create it within your relationship first.

You can take some distance, but there is most of the times, no need to go all the way to a break up.

You need some space?


Take it!

Your wife does not understand?

Then tell her what is happening and exactly what you need to get your power back.

You need to do some educating around with your family and friends.

No need to be alarmed.

Say something like: “Something is happening to me and I want to understand what it is. I will needs some space to figure what is happening. Give me a couple of months and trust that I will do what feels right.”

Sure, your crisis will impact on those around you.

Teach them how to give you the space you need.

If they don’t get the message, you feel like you could explode, right?

Why is that?

Because something is waking up in you and you have to listen to it.

Now, this means change!

It means change for everyone involved.

Who wants change?

No one!

Your wife, family and friends tend to be very happy with the way things are.

Continuity gives them a feeling of security.

Continuity is comfortable.

When you wake up in the morning, you know what you will see when you open your eyes.

This is usually what people crave to.

When you face a midlife crisis and new energies wake up, everyone gets scared.

They think:

“Gosh! Where is this taking us?”

This is what your wife thinks when she sees in you something she does not understand.

Your roel is to reassure her and teach her how to be your best friend and a true life partner in this.

You have new needs?

No problem!

Find out what they are and make sure those around you understand them.

You are first a man before being a parent or a husband.

If your male hood is calling, it is wise to listen to it.

At any price?

Not exactly.

You want to focus on win-win for all those involved.

This is not about your wife loosing something.

It is about both you evolving to something bigger and better.

If you gain confidence, power and know more about yourself, everyone benefits from it.

So, again, if you need space, take it but don’t quit.

At least not yet.

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