We kissed at a party – Now he hasn’t called back - ARTICLE

There can be a dozen reasons a guy might not respond to an invitation:

· He can be busy with an ex

· Worried about work or studies

· Face a financial challenge

· Work on a business project

· Have someone else in mind

· Etc.

For two people to connect, it has to be the right time and right energy.

Sometimes you send him an email and the timing is not right for him.

Sometimes the timing is right but something else urgent comes up.

Sometimes, his mind is simply busy with something else.

This does mean that you have no potential; it simply means that he can't follow up on your invitation right now, whatever the reason.

Now, emails do sometimes get lost amongst layers of spam and other junk. It is the truth.

If you already sent him an email, it is perfect.

Let at least a week in between. Just in case he was planning to respond.

No demand, no pressure.

If you have his number, try a Text message or a short message on his voice mail.

Sometimes, a guy won't answer an email but will happily respond to a Text message.

Wonder why??? That's simply the way it is.

If he does not respond the third time, send him one last message (all that over a period of a month or so) and say something funny like:

"I have a whole tribe of potential lovers calling for my attention... so good to be free!"


"So many men... So little time"

This will give him a clear signal: you have plenty of options.

Unless he makes a move, you'll soon be in the arms of another men and the delicious party kiss he enjoyed so much will remain suspended as a drop of desire in his mind.

See how it works?

You did your part.

Congratulations for taking the step!

You did the right thing.

Now it's up to him.

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