What can stop him from asking you out? - ARTICLE

Sometimes, you know a guy is attracted to you and still, he does not take any step.

You’ll be probably asking yourself:

"Why on earth isn't he not taking the steps and asking me out?"

Here are 3 key reasons:

· Fear of rejection

Guys are like you. They want to avoid pain and challenging situations. A man who asks a woman's phone number has 80% chances of getting rejected (that's the real numbers!). Challenging for a man to take the step!

· He thinks it is going to be complicate

Dating can sometimes be a hassle. The risk of dating someone who becomes clingy, possessive or very jealous is quite big.

· His mind is busy with something else

He is still finishing a relationship, or too busy with a professional challenge. An interesting fact: 50% of guys in the UK affirm to be sometimes too stressed up to have sex. To date you need space and inner freedom.

The solutions?

· Step 1 - Make it very, very clear to him that if he approaches you, you'll say yes!

· Step 2 - Be a problem free zone. Act like one. Be one. Focus on fun and enjoyment. Show him you are fun to be with.

· Step 3 - Timing is everything. Follow you instinct with that one. Jump in at the right moment!

Enjoy the opportunities!

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