Dare to take some distance - ARTICLE

If you fight too much, it can be the sign that you are saturated from each other's presence.

Your relationship can actually be asphyxiated by being too much on top of each other.

Having time off is healthy.

Design activities and time where you are not with your partner.

Dare to take some distance and break the cycle.

This is refreshing.

You connect with new energies, reconnect with friends, focus on your career, etc.

When you fight a lot, this is a super healthy move.

Dare to take some distance and gain power on your own.

If you are too close to each other and build up tensions, you can loose track with who you are and what you want.

Emotional tensions are draining.

You want some fresh air and emotional space.

This gives you the opportunity to build back your emotional foundation.

When you are drained, there is not much you can actively do for your relationship.

Focus on yourself first.

Dare to be selfish and do what it takes to recreate a healthy power base for yourself.

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