Drop it! - ARTICLE

This is the most direct way of ending a fight:

Drop it!

If you are the one who wants something you can’t get, simply try dropping it.

Suppose you want to go out on Saturday night and he wants to stay home.

The fight issue is about convincing him to do something with you, right?

You try to have some form of influence over the way he will spend his evening.

You can fight over it or your can drop it!

What do you do when you drop it?

You stop trying to influence or control your partner’s actions.

You find another alternative:

“Hi Sandy, it’s me… Jim wants to stay home but I have this intense urge to party tonight. Are you in for it?”

What does it take to shift your behavior?

You need to step beyond your comfort zone.

In a way, it is more challenging to go out with your friend Sandy than to simply go for the natural option: You and your partner

When you see you that you fight over something you can’t control, drop it and use your energy and time in another way.

It is frustrating to conquer a territory you can have.

Your partner is the official owner of his time.

Again, he is in charge of it. All you can do is suggest and respect his choice.

Put it this way: there can be 100% reasons he wants to stay home.

It is his right to decide for himself.

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