Get extra power and enjoy the fight - ARTICLE

You might have heard this before:

Fights are usually healthy for a relationship.

When you fight you express what you want. You constructively generate energy and fire and it is a chance to expand the territory of your relationship.

So, why can fights hurt you and your partner?

Fights hurt you because you resist the energy behind them. You try to suppress the fire which wants to come through.

Fights are good!!! They are the result of positive constructive forces in your life!

You might believe that because you fight with your partner, there is something wrong with you. There isn’t!

In most situations, fights are perfectly fine and healthy. Fights come from a positive desire to express yourself and your desires. They come from a desire to secure your relationship.

Fights are psychic battles. They are a battle for power. They are a "relationship environment" you want to master. They can burn you because they bring in extremely powerful energies. They can burn you because there is an inner conflict happening in you:

Something in you believes that fights are wrong.

Something in you wants to suppress them or delete them, while another aspect of your instincts simply wakes them up as a conquering mechanism.

Imagine yourself trying to tame a wild mare. That’s exactly what happens when your fighting power wakes up in you. It is an emotional instinctual response which burns you because it wants to break free and find its natural expression.

Fights are part of life. They are part of relationships. You can't run away from them.

What you can do is develop new skills to stand in them in a different way. You know how it feels to win, right? It is thrilling and exciting to break through.

Guys can be overpowering.

Right now, you want to wake up your fighting power and give yourself a true kick to shift this dynamic.

You have psychic power. You have determination. You have power in you that you are not using.

Fighting power is a mind set. You realize that you don't have to make yourself smaller than you are.

In situations of abuse or disrespect, you want to get you message through, right? You want that man to get it and shift his behavior. Your desire is healthy.

To win fights emotionally, you need extra power and effective strategies. A strategy is a mind set.

His will power has been piercing your mind and you want this to stop. You want your will to be stronger and gain power and independence. This is a freeing move.

How to make sure he gets it?

Here are some key fighting strategies:

· Love fights! Fights are healthy! They are an expression of your will power. Say what you want. Enjoy the challenges. Don't step back or be afraid.

· Use your psychic power. A fight is an emotional battle. Your psychic power is your ability to channel your desires, wants, ambitions. These are powerful channels. Wake them up and use them. 100% instinctual!

· Scream and yell if you have to. Don't be afraid of what is behind your temper. Your voice is a powerful tool. Express what you want! Let it out!

· Be firm and direct. Repeat your message until he gets it! No need to go in circles. Identify what you want say it.

· You are a winner! Not a victim! Don't let anyone or anything put you down. Identify your target and hit it! You want respect and you will get it!!!

· It's in your instincts! This is the top secret. This is where your energy lies. Nature gave you these fighting powers. They are in you. You know all the right moves!

· Express, don't suppress! Move forward. Destroy resistance.

I know these are radical ideas and to tell you the truth, I love them. Extra power is what you need right now.

Go and get it! A relationship is not an occasion to die and hide your desires.

It is your right to get what you want. Dare to stand for what you believe is true for you.

If you feel oppressed, attacked or challenged, defend yourself!

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