If they don’t do what you want - ARTICLE

Your partner is free!

Shift your mind and establish firmly this into your mind: you and your partner are free!

You are not in a relationship to limit each other.

You decided to be together to grow as human beings and partner for each other’s success.

You have a basic human right to decide what you do and when you do it.

Take this right and give it to your partner as well.

Drop any desire to control your partner!

Imagine what happens when you both drop the need to control each other's lives.

I am not saying it is easy! I know it is a challenge.

Imagine what happens if you say to your partner:

"You know, you and I we do things differently. And you know what? I love it! In fact this is what creates our relationship. It would be so boring if we were exactly the same. These differences create life. I value you and your actions. I trust you and give you space and total freedom. I totally respect you and trust your actions"

This is a fundamental shift!

Imagine how it makes you feel when your partner speaks to you that way.

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