Is it wrong to meet? - ARTICLE

Not at all.

You need to redesign your boundaries.

There is nothing wrong with going for a drink and having a friendly chat with your ex.

In fact it is very healthy.

It is healthy as long as you stay in your power and expect nothing from it.

Don’t make plans.

They would be limiting for you.

You want to stay free. So don’t let her grab any part of your life.

Don’t let her give you stuff, pictures, memories, plans, or anything else.

In a situation like this one, she will often try to control a part of you, judge your actions or blame you for stuff that happened.

If she goes that way, simply put a limit and say something like: “I came here to have a friendly chat with you. That’s what I will do. If you want to fight, I’ll be gone in a second!”

If before you meet, you feel there is a risk of her starting along that line, don’t go.

Who wants another argument?

There are hundreds of things you can do which are much more interesting than having someone blaming you.

Here is an essential rule: spend time with people who value your life and being.

It is simple.

If someone puts you down, don’t spent time with them.

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