Letting go of the dream - ARTICLE

The dream is this projection you created when you got together in the first place.

You know, all these projects, family, house, careers, travels, etc.

That’s the vision for your life.

This vision is a life plan.

It is an ideal concept which has been guiding your choices and actions.

Now that she is gone, you need a new dream.

She took off.

It is no longer your responsibility to maintain that dream.

You can drop it.

You see, a relationship is a whole energy reality.

It is a plan and a spirit.

It is an intelligent entity.

The moment your couple collapses, a new vision is ready to be born.

You need to drop the old plan and wake up your new vision.

There is more here!

It is a new plan.

It is this new plan which truly recreates your life and opens new doors into your future.

When you are a couple, you are asked to defend values.

You do this in the name of society.

You defend your relationship’s territory with pride.

You carry the flag of harmony, family, well being, love, romance, etc.

Your friends believe in you.

Your family believes in you.

It is not only your dream which collapses; it is their dream as well.

It is no longer your responsibility.

Realize that by yourself, you can’t protect the temple of this old relationship.

You need to drop it and recreate a new vision.

Don’t feel responsible in the name of society and family values.

You are not.

You did your best.

She is gone.

Change your mandala.

Change your life vision.

If you stay stacked on an old plan, you will miss your new opportunities.

Don’t make this mistake.

You are free and released from your old obligations.

I say it again: you are free!

It is no longer your responsibility.

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