The “invisible” story - ARTICLE

Emotional pain is a gap.

It is okay to fantasize about your ex.

If you think about her and you have gorgeous images and sex scenes popping in your mind, let it happen.

The fantasy world is very different from reality.

It is still okay.

All sorts of things happen in your dreams which would never happen in real life.

So, let it be.

When you feel desire, don’t stop it, flow with it.

Observe the moves of your desires and energy in your being.

It is okay.

What you want is to harmonize the relationship you have with her.

What I have to say might surprise you but the way to empower your break up is to relate to your ex in a different way.

She is now an “invisible spirit” in your life.

You remember her but simply don’t want to give her power over your life.

Your life is yours.

Strangely enough, you can still love someone after a break up.

You can keep on respecting that person and relate to her in a very healthy way, even if you don’t see her!

Your life is full of presences you never meet.

She is now one of them.

She is in your mind.

She is in your past and memories.

You enter here in a new dimension: it is the art of mastering your inner world or inner reality.

That’s your way of dealing with her “invisible” presence.

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