This is a battle for power - ARTICLE

This is a battle for power.

It is a battle for energy.

Your mind is your mind.

So you need to gain back control.

You need to be in charge.

Does she want you to succeed?


I will be direct with you: right now she is your enemy.

She is the very reason you are in pain.

There is only one way to get your power back and this is to kick her out of your mind.

What is happening in your mind right now has nothing to do with love.

It is 100% based on a power struggle.

You see, as long as you are focused on her, she gets some attention.

It’s not physical attention.

It is psychic attention.

No need to believe in telepathy.

You are emotionally linked to her and she knows that.

She feels it.

If you want to get your power back, you need to kick her out of your mind.

Totally? Well not exactly.

All memories won’t be gone.

What will be gone is the power she has over you.

How do you remove her power?

You give it to someone else.

In fact, you consciously invest in others.

You establish new friendships.

You don’t stay at home waiting for her to call. She won’t.

What else?

How do you take away her power?

You remove traces of her presence in your physical environment.

Whatever this might be.

Even stuff which has financial value.

Rebuild yourself a personal base where she is not present.

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