What about guilt? - ARTICLE

After your ex bombarded you with reproaches, you might end up with this impression that you did something wrong.

I’ll be honest: maybe you did.

Maybe you did not give her the attention she deserved.

Maybe you missed a Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you cheated.

Maybe you abused her emotionally or even physically.

Sure, you are not perfect.

Sure, you might have committed mistakes.

Now, a mistake is a real mistake only when you repeat it without learning from it.

In fact, experimenting in life is the best way to learn.

That’s what you did, right?

You did your best even when you didn’t.

What is the answer to guilt?


To forgive yourself, you need extra power again.

I know; some people are very good at blaming.

You might feel others angry or upset about things you did.

It is time to forgive yourself no matter what.

We aren’t talking about crimes here.

This is a different chapter… Too long to be treated here.

The truth is that if you stay stacked on guilt, you won’t get anywhere.

To free yourself from guilt, you need extra power.

If she makes you feel guilty, defend yourself.

Sure, apologize for anything you did wrong.

Develop a new behavior.

Learn from it and do move on.

Forgiving yourself is a skill.

It is time to empower your life with it.

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