What if she calls you? - ARTICLE

There is always a “game” going on when two persons break up.

It is a battle for attention and power.

It is very rare for a person to just walk away and never feel the need to get in touch again with an ex.

The day this happens, you need to know why it happens: it is because she misses something you shared in the past and wants to feel part of it again.

Strangely enough this will often happen just in the moment you feel you are ready to move on.

You rebuilt your power.

You let go.

And suddenly she calls you.

Memories come back.


You want to believe again.


She is not saying: “Look, let’s get back together”

What she is saying is: “I miss a small part of what you and I shared and I want to feel it again for a moment”

It is not an invitation to start all over again.

So, don’t get all turned on by this apparent opening.

It is usually a dead end.

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