When you fight, your relationship is under attack - ARTICLE

Your relationship is under attack.

Your couple's foundation lacks power and this creates inner tensions.

This is a battle for your couple's survival.

Fights can drain the relationship.

They can drain love and destroy harmony.

You have two options:

· The first one is to let it be. Sooner or later you'll feel a breaking point or simply keep reproducing a dead end loop which destroys your life

· The second option is to take serious action and do whatever it takes to solve this.

This is what this e-book is about. You want to find new weapons to defend your relationship's space.

What I want to say might surprise you: what you need is better fighting skills. The reason you fight is because you lack power and effective fighting skills.

Fighting is an emotional response. It is your best shot at trying to defend your territory.

You and the couple are stressed up. You are under attack! These attacks can be internal or can as well be external pressures from work, friends, society, in laws, etc.

The pressure comes as well from the material and financial side. A huge amount of couple fight over money for instance.

Ad to this demands from your partner or children and you get the picture. So much of you that wants your attention.

Fighting is your emotional response to all this pressure. it comes from a need to protect your mind space and personal space.

What to do?

Here are some key strategies to handle fights:

· Do whatever it takes to break through! You already took a step when buying this e-book. The next step is to take action. It takes 1 to 3 months to design a new ground for your relationship. Follow the strategies and apply them!

· Stop blaming your partner. Sure, he is not perfect. He is still the one you did chose. When you blame, you attack. He responds. Don't attack! Don't blame! When you attack, you create a gap between the two of you. You are partners on this battle, not enemies!

· Be masters of your relationship. When it comes to decisions, make sure you are the ones who have the final word. It is your space. It is your territory. Don't let anyone else overpower you.

· Create dialogue! Dialogue and diplomacy are the real alternative to fights. Create a forum space. Get the skills to develop harmonious communication with your partner.

· Develop new fighting skills. Fighting is fun and healthy. There are ways to "fight clean" which are empowering for the couple. Fighting is positive defense and attack mechanism. Fight clean!

You probably got it by now: This e-book is battle strategy.

It says:

Keep using your fighting power but use it to defend your relationship's territory.

You and your partner are together on that.

Your relationship is under attack.

This is why you fight.

This is about gaining new dialogue and fighting skills to face this challenge.

There is nothing wrong with fighting every now and then.

The need to fight is a natural human instinct.

However, when you discover that your relationship is being destroyed by it, it is time to shift some key behaviors.

Develop a new mind and emotional set!

This is what this e-book is about.

It will give you key strategies to win this battle.

This is about you! It is about your relationship!

Do whatever it takes to break through and bring back harmony.

Your couple is worth it!

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