Why fights happen - ARTICLE

Fights happen because there is a conflict for power.

You have two mind sets: yours and your partner’s one.

These two mind sets do not match.

They clash.

This can happen anywhere, any time with anyone.

So why is it creating such a challenge within your relationship?

It creates such a challenge because this is the person you live with.

When you have conflicts at work, you take off in the evening and can relax at home.

Now, when you have conflicts at home, where do you find the space to relax.

You simply can’t.

You get stressed up, more and more tense and build resentment and aggressiveness towards each other.

The reason you fight is because you don’t manage to solve the power struggles in a different way.

Again, the dynamics are very simple:

You want something.

Your partner wants something else.

You fight to win.

You fight for your mind set.

You feel pressured.

You feel challenged and cornered.

You react by defending your territory and your mind space.

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