Why a psychic battle? - ARTICLE

A psychic battle is a battle of energies.

Your energies compete with each other.

Instead of vibrating together, they attack each other.

Psychic battles happen all the time with anyone.

It happens in nature in the competition between species.

It happens within a community of monkeys.

It happens in businesses.

It happens in sports and social life.

It even happens with couples and families.

This is what you face right now.

Suppose a conflict is waking up in your relationship.

You can sit down and talk about it or you can fight.

If you sit down, you use diplomacy.

You use dialogue and communication skills.

The goal is to create peace and harmony, right?

On the other hand, when you go for the fight, you use your fighting power.

It is an emotional response.

You use your fighting abilities.

It is an instinct in you.

You simply use your survival drive to attack your partner or defend your territory.

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