After 6 days of testing the new reinforced "access everything" system, back to free access for 80% of the content - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Yes, just did it.

Here are the main reasons:

First sales don't come through the way they should if the system was working.

My estimation is that there could be a $200 increase in sales/month but not even sure.

Right now, 99.9% of those who access the sign up page simply leave + it feels much better to allow the access to these files.


Yes, it can be seen as a strategic move as well as a feel good move!

The thing is that if facebook or twitter for instance had put a price tag to using their site, they would never have taken off! Never!

I already discussed this in depth in a few other posts, so won't go in detail here as to why this move is strategically correct.

There are more energy reasons here concerning as well the values I work with + the sources of inspiration that stimulate the site and the creation of this content.

It has nothing to do with sales here, rather balance of energies and what I feel is right.

So, this week's experiment was very fruitful and I would never have got the information and impressions I got if I didn't try it out.

The thing which is important about this choice is as well that in terms of visits to the site, there is no big change - what might change is the number of page views (in the 20% increase). Visits could increase by 5% maybe.

The 4 main programs concerned by this change are:
  • Wake up you power + mind content (except some e-books) - Maybe...
  • Dating for women
  • Stay fit + body content
  • Tantric sex
Whaou! that feels goooooooooooooooooood!

Love it! Love the feeling! thanks!

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