How to tackle food cravings - TIP

The best way to tackle a craving is to replace what you miss by something healthier that compensates for that carving.

For instance if you crave cheese, you find a substitute for cheese.

If you crave chocolate, you find a substitute for chocolate.

You have two sides to a craving.

The first one is a psychological one.

It is the habit, the associations you have about this specific food.

To tackle this emotional craving, you need to recondition yourself and create new habits.

You can easily do that by focusing on a small nutrition change at a time.

You do that for a few weeks, until the new habit is established.

The second side of your craving is a nutritional one.

This means that your body truly misses something.

It can be a vitamin, protein, carbs or anything else.

In that case, you need to find the best substitute for that specific food your crave for.

For instance when you crave for chocolate, you might crave the sweetness + the stimulants contained in cacao.

So, you take some fruit like a piece of banana + some raw cacao beans for the stimulant side, you can effectively stay away from chocolate.

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