Max simplicity in the design - USABILITY

In the last couple of months, this has been the new main design trend I inspired myself with.


because I just got an iPhone a few months ago and while using it, I realized how convenient and fun it is to use a tool when there are no distractions, nothing flashing on the screen, no call for actions, etc.

Simplicity creates space and gives the user a refreshing experience.

How does that translate on my site?

I removed all distractions.

Anything that is not content is gone.

Before, I would have 3 solid columns + navigation bars on top.

Now, all I have left is navigation + content!

This is it!

I like it and I believe this is DEFINITELY the way to go.

People are tired of cluttered pages where they can't find what they are looking for.

Look at the way google designs its content pages.

They are super simple!

People come back.

When you check movies or look for a word's definition, what you see is ONLY what you need in a SUPER easy to use interface.

That's what I want and they did hit it spot on!

It works!

That's EXACTLY the spirit in which I redesigned the site.

My goal is to refresh the user's experience and make it easy and super frictionless.

Now, it is very easy to slip away from this idea by adding more stuff to page that the user does not really need.

SIMPLICITY is the way to go!

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