Sudden page views increase - USABILITY

I improved the design on the site lately and there was an immediate increase of page views/user going from around 2 to more than 3.

that's an important and has been consistent for the last 4 days.

The change happened when making a couple blogs more appealing for the eye.

This sudden increase shows in the blogs but not only...

It seems to be touching the site overall and the answer as to why it happens could be:
  • More pleasant design
  • same navigation with all links to various areas - greater easiness to navigate
  • navigation on blogs much clearer.
It is hard to define the EXACT element that triggers that response but the response is very clear right there.

It says one thing though:

the content didn't change.

What did change is only the way things are presented.

It is not even a radical change: larger fonts in the navigation + consistency in that navigation.

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