Two design directions for sales pages - SALES PAGE

Right now, I am still testing the two design options for the main sales pages.

The first one is the one I used for the last 2 years and is a alignment of different icons for the different aspects of the program.

It worked great but I had the feeling lately that i could clarify these pages by creating just on icon.

That's what I did in this second design type.

I created one icon with descriptive parts and more nuanced shades.

So far,

none is performing better than the other.

I even get a slight impression that visitors prefer the first design.

It's less commercial and almost clearer because the various aspects of the program are clearly outlined.

So for now, I might still test this new design for a few days but could shift back to the old one soon.

That's unless there is a sudden rush of fresh sales triggered by it.

the icons for this second design are more complex to create + break the continuity that has been achieved so far all over the site with just one icon type.

So, shifting back to the coherent first design seems the natural way to go.

Honestly, the new design looks much slicker in a way.

The overall look of the page is nicer but of course, the usability is what matters most by far!

I can as well go back to the first concept and clean it a bit. That's probably the way to go.

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