New design on break up for men sales page - Not showing sales increase - SALES PAGE

After about 3 months of testing this new design, I see no significant sales increase and even a decrease.

Why would that be?

Because the original design even though it looks more "messy" is less commercial and traditional in its presentation.

I do myself prefer as well the old one and i just reversed it.

In the original design, I have different icons for different parts of the program, videos, audios, ebook, etc.

In the new design, I create just one complex icon with everything needed of it.

I think that the new design reflects a more marketing oriented sales page.

I feel that it triggers the objection reaction in visitors by reminding much more that they are in a sales environment.

This new sales page works to a certain extent and it is hard to get an exact picture of visitor's reaction.

It is clear though that it does NOT generate the sales increase that could have happened.

So, overall, I start realizing that changing the sales page is NOT what will renew this program, unless I tap into a whole new concept and design, maybe even hiring a pro do redo the full page.

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