Why setting up intentions will radically shift your life - ARTICLE

When you set up an intention, you make a choice!

And life responds to that choice!

To set up intentions you can use various techniques:

  • Writing down what you want on a white page.
  • Use values or concepts like "Peace", "Freedom", "Results", etc.
  • Use sanskrit mantras for instance.
  • Use prayer or meditation.
  • A minute of silence.
  • Etc.
You can as well be VERY specific and write down in exact details what you want the day to bring you.

In my experience, being flexible with your intentions works better.

Why is that?

Because the outcome might not match the EXACT vision you have but be something even better than what you imagined.

Your mind can sometimes not fully grasp the full potential of what you can reach and what is delivered to you might be even greater.

there can as well be circumstances that make your detailed intention difficult to fulfill while a simpler alternative might be totally possible.

So, you can stay flexible.

Here is a simple example:

Rather than saying: "I want to go for a drink with Paul at 12:30"

You can say: "I want to connect with interesting people"

You see the difference, right?

Setting up free intentions gives you surprises.

You use less control and more power of manifestation.

How precise and specific you want to be is really up to you.

I encourage you to experiment with it.

The art of setting up intentions is really a skill you develop.


Why it works?

First because you condition yourself.

It gives YOU focus.

Remember that you get more of what you focus on. It is really that simple.

Then, it works as well because you invite greater forces to play along.

Setting up an intention is a powerful action.

You can even acknowledge and invoke invisible forces and ask them for help.

You can say for instance:

"I invite the invisible forces to manifest powerful results in my life today. I thank you for being part of this adventure and connect with you in love and respect."


The intention minute

You can make it a habit.

This intention minute could be the first thing you do when sitting at your desk or waking up in the morning.

I won't tell you EXACTLY how to express it because it will work better if you use your own creative touch.

So, here are a few questions to get you started:
  • What do you feel like doing first? Writing down your intentions or taking them inside through a prayer or a minute of silent meditation?
Made your choice? Good!

Next question:
  • What is the most important thing you want to manifest today? It can be a simple word or a detailed description. Write it down or say it internally.
That's it!

Now, here is your next step:

"I decide to use the power of intention every day. Invoking a clear vision of what I want to create will manifest this vision in my life"

"It is a power that I can use right now and any time I want"


This is a VERY profound LIFE POWER!

Use it wisely!

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