Truth and models - ARTICLE

Reason and science are VERY limited tools to really see how our planet evolves.

What I write here is the reflection of my own visions.

My mind created a picture which is the result of my own life experiences.

The model I have in mind now answers most of the questions I might have.

It feels coherent and makes total sense to me.

Now, it is just a model and a limited expression of something that is much vaster and complex.

My words will never fully describe what I feel.

Someone else might come up with a different model or vision of our cosmic evolution and that's perfectly okay.

See it like a book or a painting rather than a scientific observation reflecting an immutable truth.

I don't believe there is a single truth that can be expressed in words.

I believe that there are as many truths as there are human beings on this planet and each one of us is free to create in their mind a vision of how they believe humans interact with the invisible.

All these models and visions are truths!

They are simply different interpretations of the same reality through the filters of our individual minds.

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