What could stop you from finding a new partner after a break up? - TIP

If you have been dating for a while and feel none of your new potential partners are a good match, here is what could be happening:

The first thing is that you might not be relationship ready yet.

What does that mean?

That there could still be unsolved emotions or frustration from your past relationship.

You might as well not have cleared enough your physical space and hold to objects or memories that constantly remind you of your ex.

Another important possible cause is that you sabotage yourself.

Why would you do that?

Because you believe that if your ex broke up with you, a new relationship has solid chances to lead to the same result.

This is a self defeating attitude and many men and women fall into that trap.

A third essential cause could be lack of dating skills or effective dating strategies.

Basically you have been out of the dating world for too long and your dating skills need refreshing.

So here you have it. 3 possible cause that could be stopping you:

  • Lack of emotional freedom.
  • Self sabotaging.
  • Lack of dating skills.

There is more of course!

If you can't identify what holds you back and don't know what to do, get in touch for a quick session with me.

I am sure that within just a 30 min conversation we will be able to see EXACTLY what's stopping you and what to do about it.


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