What MUST change on this planet! - ARTICLE

It is something VERY simple!

Care must be above profit!

When confronted with strategic choices, business, corporations, organizations, governments and individuals must choose for care rather than profit.

Right now, priorities are in the wrong order!

Profit always scores much higher than care.


The environment gets hurt!

Every year, millions of people die on this planet because corporations want MORE profit at any price.

The reason it is that way is because the ones who make the decisions are often not directly confronted with the consequences of their choices.

That's denial. They choose not to look.


I believe that we need help as a human race.

A profound shift in human consciousness will be happening soon.

This shift is a very simple ethical pattern.

It is a new mind set that humankind needs to experience next.

We are doing great as a human race!

Think about it: 50 years ago, ecology or the green movement did not even exist.

Now, social marketing has become the NEW norm.

Businesses and individuals integrated the respect for the environment as one of their core values.

We are on the right track but we will do much better.

Establishing this new pattern will radically shift our role and place on this planet!

From now on, care will score higher than profit in our human priorities.

This is the simple shift I invite each corporation, government and individual to embrace!

Let's rise to a new octave!

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