Why people might feel threatened by the idea of eating raw - TIP

If you already eat raw, you probably experienced that a dozen times:

You enthusiastically ask a friend or family member to taste a delicious salad you just prepared.

Instead of being excited about it, they often come up with an instant objection:

  • I don't really like fruit.
  • I don't like the taste of raw vegetables.
  • I couldn't live without meat.
  • I will never be able to convince my kids to eat that.
  • I need to chew to feel like I'm eating something.
  • Eating organic is too expensive.
  • It's probably very hard to digest.
  • Etc.
Instant objections!

Aren't you stunned of how fast they find all sorts of reasons not to go raw?

Why do they respond that way?

Here are a few reasons and emotional responses:
  • It's a competitive response - They don't want to admit there is something you know that they don't.
  • They can't match your energy level - Your enthusiasm, what you send out is too much, too challenging.
  • They want to stay within the comfort of what they already know.
  • They don't have the time and energy to change.
  • They feel threatened by something new.
  • They are not used to the raw tastes, yet.
  • They associate cooked food with all sorts of comfortable memories.
  • They deny the positive impact of raw on their body and mind.
  • They give you all sorts of reasons why OTHER people won't go for it.
  • Etc.
Here is the thing: they have a point!

Some of it might be true!

If you are one of these persons who did object to raw food, I not only respect your choice, I profoundly understand it.

Going raw is a profound life style change!

Your kids or partner might rebel!

Your body will need to adapt.

You need to learn new recipes and shift key aspects of your life style.

Here is the thing: change requires energy and focus!

Shifting to raw food can feel like a battle and once you embrace the raw ideas, you can't go back to denial mode.

Once you KNOW the facts, you can't step back and ignore them.

This is why so many people object or refuse to even try:

Because they don't have the free space, energy and time to make that shift.

So, what to do about this dilemma?


It's essential to accept everyone's choice.

We live in a world of free will and the choices that YOU make are for you only!

Trying to force someone to go raw will usually generate conflict!

So, don't even try.

Respect a person's objections.

If you disagree with something that is said, simply add: 
  • "It looks like we experience this very differently"
  • "I have the feeling that we have different tastes and that's ok"
  • "I think we disagree on that one - that's not a problem - I respect your opinion but simply don't share your views on this"
  • Etc.
Instead of going into the argumentative mode, drop it. Let it go.

Accept the fact that different people can have different opinions on a given topic.

That's perfectly ok!

To your raw power!

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