Every man has the power to build happiness after a break up! - ARTICLE

Recovering your power after break up IS within your range!

This is NOT rocket science!

It requires some discipline, action and follow up and the good news is that it is within reach of EVERY SINGLE MAN ON THIS PLANET!

I never encountered a situation with a client that made me think there were no solutions.

As long as you are alive, you have the power to reconquer your happiness, power and energy!

The ONLY thing you need to do is stop looking in the past!

Instead you need to look in your present and future!

After that, accept to go to battle!


They won't be given to you if you simply sit down and wait for them to be delivered to you.

The territory of your happiness is something you have to conquer, win and often fight for!

And... The CORE IDEA I want to share with you is that IT IS WITHIN YOUR REACH!

How do I know that?

Because I see guys rebuilding their power ALL THE TIME!

No matter what break up or divorce situation they are in, I have yet to see a REAL DEAL BREAKER in the conquest of your happiness!

You can come with any objection, any reason to stay in the break up zone, any reason to be unhappy for the rest of your life and see that objection dissolve within seconds!


You can listen to them, observe them and simply let them go!

There is NO DEAL BREAKER when it comes to reconquering your happiness!


If in your mind, you still have a belief that tells you otherwise, realize that it's that belief itself that kills your chances!

It's called self sabotaging! Self destruction!

"Self" because you are doing it to yourself!!!

Got that??

No one is doing that to you!

It's not your ex, your circumstances, difficult experiences or lack of resources!

It is a creeping self limiting belief that attacks your confidence and tries to tell you that your circumstances are not good enough!

Are you still holding to that thought?

Are you still holding to the self limiting belief that somehow happiness is not for you?

Want to know why you might be doing that?

Well... It's not because that thought is the truth!

It's because positioning yourself as a victim can feel comfortable!

It becomes ESPECIALLY comfortable if you get very used to the victim mind set.

The victim mind set is a whole line up of thoughts, emotions and conversations you have with yourself and with others.

When I tell you to let go of the limiting belief that keeps you in the victim zone, I challenge you!

It's like asking you to step out of a comfortable cave to go out in the sun and be comfronted again with the elements.

When you step out of the victim role and engage in reconnecting with your happiness stream, you go to battle!

And battle requires energy, risk taking and solid action!

So, on one hand you have "Stay in the cave with some limiting beliefs and feel miserable".

On the other hand, you have "Get out, go to battle and start reconquering your happiness!".

Got that?

I totally understand and respect the fact that sometimes, you just want to retreat and nurture the pain you feel.

That's ok!

You can REALLY do that and stay in HEALING MODE for as long as you need.

What I am here to offer you is another option so that you understand that when you are done with the healing mode, and you are ready to go to battle, NOTHING WILL STOP YOU!

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