Relationship sabotage - Boredom/Passion dilemma - NOTE


This is another dilemma...

You might be afraid of getting stacked in a relationship where passion is gone. You might feel that the original dating stages are way more exciting than the stability of a committed relationship.

The images that come to your mind concerning relationships are NOT exciting.

So, while a part of you wants to believe in a stable relationship, another part keeps destroy them because you prefer the passion, spontaneity and romance of new loves.

So, who wants more connection, more intimacy, more love, more satisfation in their relationships and dating life?

If you answer yes to that question, it means that the conflicting interests patterns that you experience sabotage your love life and it is time to change something

You can either look at the big general picture and design the big plan or identify EXACTLY the core 2 or 3 behaviors, attitudes or mind sets that you would like to change and focus on those.

I find that this is what works best: practically, what exactly do you want to do differently?

What it basically comes to is being able to design a relationship that feels safe, open and freeing in which you can thrive.

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