Relationship sabotage - What are these dilemmas? - NOTE


The relationship dilemmas we talk about are the different possibilities or choices you face in life.

When you have two possible directions in a given situation, those two directions or plans conflict with each other.

If you choose one, the other one is left out.

The thing is that often, one plan is sponsored by one aspect of your personality and the second plan by another aspect of your personality.

If you make a rational decision to get married for instance, another part of you might sabotage it in a very instinctual way because that other part of you, another set of emotional needs that wants to stay free doesn't want to be left out.

See how it works?

So, the dilemmas we talk about are conflicts in you between two or more realities.

While one part of you is trying to build something, another part of you does everything to destroy it.

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