radical shift! - NOTE

Of course sales are decreasing

traffic to site is decreasing too

sign ups for coaching decrease too

it's a natural part of the process.

the reason why traffic is decreasing to site is because I am basically posting very little new content.

also, strategies like SEO pages and ads went down a lot.

This means that there has been a progressive drop in sales for the last let's say 3 to 4 years.

As I might have mentioned earlier, while one on one coaching should in theory work, it is of course a product which is way harder to sell.

First pricing, second commitment from those who sign up and third relationship needs to be built up.

So, what I am saying is that right now, most of what used to work 4 years ago no longer works and the site and my activity needs a refreshing boost of new ideas.

These ideas could be ANYTHING!

The point is that the business model I have been using in the past and has been successful now for about 7 years is now coming to an end and a new radical shift needs to take place.

Here are the things I tried in the last year:

  • Redesign site + ad new features - shift to wordpress platform
  • Start printing paperbacks from my material
  • Offer unlimited coaching packages

All these strategies work to a certain extent and give me some limited amount of success but something is still missing in that picture.

What else?

That's what I am in the process of unveiling right now.

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