Youtube - 5 days after campaign start - NOTE

Posted my 5th video today on the same jealousy topic and here are the results after 5 days campaign:

  • No significant change in the traffic to jealousy for men page
  • Video views as expected
  • The "John Lennon" strategy I tried earlier is not yet showing any results.
  • A couple of sales on my kindle books on this topic.
  • No visible change in community engagement
  • Slight increase in overall video views.
At the same time, there is a "buzz" happening related with my activity...
  • Increase in overall traffic to the site
  • Coaching interest from new clients
So, what's the conclusion so far?

I am creating lots of buzz and activity but results stay very discrete.

I can't see change in the traffic to the page BUT I do of course have an impact.

The main impact is NOT sales!

I am gaining expertise in that specific field and position myself in a certain way.

Also, my real power on this very specific topic and the confidence with which I speak about it IS increasing a lot.

So, these are subtle impacts.

It's not thousands of new visitors to my jealousy page but there is an energy shift as I am engaging with more power with my existing audience.

These are all subtle impacts...


In terms of traffic to the jealousy for men page on the site - I know that for 100 videos views, there could be one click to the site. On youtube, 500 views, that would 5 visits in 5 days or 1 visit/day! No wonder I don't see traffic change - It's just a number game...

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