Youtube - First video from the campaign posted - close to 24 hours later - what's happening - NOTE


here are some stats:
  • 100+ video views (probably most of them coming from my subscribers)
  • No facebook repost yet (except mine)
  • No traffic change on my jealousy for men page
  • No new sales related with this posting (on my site or amazon but will have to check that again as there might be some stats delay with their sales stats)
  • 80 downloads of the mp3 (via podcasts and Itunes)
So... Everything that is happening so far is predicable.

The potential impact of such campaign is not 1 day 1 video - it for months or years of presence for a video campaign (10-30 videos for that one)


By the way, previous videos on this topic had on average 1000 views/year - I can expect similar numbers from my mp3's after 5 years that's 10'000 downloads or views of this recording which is like having a short 5 to 10 min conversation with an audience of 10'000 people... that's one way to look at it...


What about the tags connecting with John Lennon's video? so far, my video does NOT appear as a related video but John Lennon's videos appear in my related videos...

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