Youtube SEO - Next step? Youtube video campaign? - NOTE

Before I start with that one, I need to
  • Clearly analyse the target
  • Understand more about how youtube REALLY works, why you get views for some videos and not many for others
  • The Youtube audience and how to effectively communicate with them
  • Identify the best content and strategy to post my videos.
So, all these are exploratory steps.

First, my videos got so far around 2.5 million views.

I am NOT a beginner on you tube and other video channels.

My videos get 1800-3000 views daily

I posted 500 videos so far

3700 subscribers

My most viewed video got 350'000 views so far


my goal is to PERFECT my strategy and see if there are ways for me to improve the impact + response that my videos get.


First point:

Most of my video views come from related videos clicks and search on youtube, not from my subscribers!

Subscriber views might account for small fraction of my views 5% I would say.

5% of videos are viewed on an embedded player on an external website... with 2.5 million video overall views, that's still 125'000 views for embedded videos

In videos that don't get many views, the "related videos" referrals are very low and other sources of referring sources are higher.

So, the most important element that give me lots of views are the "related videos" and "search" referrals.

My question is simple: is there something I can do to increase my position and ranking in these two?

Is the ranking process from you tube more "random"

If there is a specific algorithm for youtube (I am sure there is) what are the ingredients that influence a video's ranking.

So... we enter here in a whole new area which I would call Youtube optimization - YTO

I am going to approach this as a new challenge, like an exciting game.

As with any game it's more fun when you know you can win, right?

At this stage, I need first to gain knowledge.

I don't know enough about the potentials of YTO


You might ask...

Why not just rely on luck?

Why not simply sit back and let the universe work it out?

Why snot simply post your videos and trust that they will get hits if they are mean to?

the answer to this is quite simple:

I might! absolutely!

I might simply do my job and let destiny work it out.


I was born with a brain, analytical abilities, skills and more!

All this IS part of the game.

And it is part of being successful with what I do.

If I was simply posting videos, I would get some results of course.

But if there are simple steps I can take that will bring my videos to a much larger audience, what do you think I should do? Ignore these steps or implement them?

In the past, I have simple steps I took that multiplied the impact I had... Here are some YTO strategies I already used:
  • Video title choice
  • Keywords choice
  • Video response posting
  • Posting to other video sites
  • Comments answering
  • Video branding
  • Video editing
  • Etc.
In fact when I post a video, the whole process IS optimized to a certain extent.

My question is: can I do better?

What you have to understand is that for instance the volume of searches on youtube is HUGE!

It is comparable to searches you might get on google!


Again I have to be very clear about that.

Here is why I record and post videos:
  • Recording and posting videos is fun, creative and energizing.
  • I like sharing my knowledge and insights and start a discussion on the topic.
  • I am excited by the idea that my viewers are able to get essential life tactics that makes their lives more, powerful, better, happier and more exciting.
  • I do this for a greater good, REALLY! I see my actions within a cycle of transformation and change which is way vaster than myself. I enjoy being an agent in this transformational stream
Of course, there is as well a commercial element to what I do and my motivation there is to refer people to my webpage and get them to buy my product.

The numbers are clear though: for probably 5000 people who see my videos, maybe 1 person will buy something from me.

So, if I was not being filled by the idea of simply giving, I would have stopped a LONG TIME AGO!

The core of my activity with these videos has NOT BEEN COMMERCIAL!

It has been FREE GIVING.

The advertising element in what I share, represents around 10% of what I create.

It's a small fraction.

The rest is free giving...

Anyways, back to YOUTUBE SEO - I think that's the term people will use out there the most...


Some stats for youtube:
  • For Oct 2008
  • 100 million viewers
  • 2.5 billion searches
as you can see... LOTS of traffic!


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