Youtube SEO - Video campaign is NOT for my social network - NOTE

I know what you think...

You believe that when you post a video, the buzz might take off and they will pass your message.

Well, they don't on a large scale.

I mean, some friends might send a message to some friends or post on their profile but the scale of this impact is VERY small!

If you expect your social network to turn you into a success, you might get VERY disappointed!

That's unless you market something LOCAL and or what you offer can attract dozens of people to your events.

Otherwise, your personal social network impact is usually not enough.

here is an example:

how many video views do you think I got from my friends on facebook? I mean friends clicking on one of my facebook videos? probably a few hundreds... In a couple of years... This is it!

Youtube which reaches THE WORLD, not my social network delivers 2000-3000 video views / day!

See the difference?

You target audience is NOT your social network!

Why? because your social network is TOO SMALL!

You need more than that to succeed!

At least that's MY experience for the type of services I offer.

What's your experience?

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