2 weeks Youtube campaign - what results? - NOTE

it is now a month since I launched the youtube campaign - I posted 10 new videos exclusively on jealousy for men.

here is what happened?

  • Little to no results in sales of that specific product
  • Little to no change in traffic to the jealousy page
  • High response in new clients sign up
  • High response in other products sales
  • Overall buzz, increased traffic on the site, activity
  • Slight increase in overall youtube views but drops back - not spectacular
  • Slight increase on website traffic but not spectacular either
These results are quite stunning because they are extremely positive results, simply not the type of positive results I was expecting.

Here are the conclusions:



As a traffic building strategy to direct traffic to the jealousy page, this campaign is not a too effective way to go - It might work on the long term and it is still possible that quite a a few sales on the long term might come from these videos. The results are simply not instant or spectacular.

Overall, it could be that the jealousy for men page gets an extra 50 to 100 visitors/month because of this campaign. The numbers are small and it could give overall 10-20 sales / year.

It's not super spectacular but in a 5 years period, we talk about 50-100 sales which is $750 - $1500.

Now, this is the result of one video recording/day, not a full time job in terms of real time investment, it's like 1 hour/day or 10 hours real work overall - Now you get a VERY different picture:

$750 - $1500 for 10 hours work... Get that?

It is successful! simply not spectacular on the short term.



This is the place where more spectacular results can be felt. People see me active. They feel the buzz. They want to connect with that flow.

I observed this phenomena many times in the past.

The videos do create buzz and connection.

However, this buzz is more of a short term result or impact.

In other terms, as soon as I stop with that line of action, within a couple of weeks of inactivity, response on the site, client sign ups and overall sales progressively goes down.


Overall, these response cycles are really fascinating.

It is funny that people don't actually buy the product I tell them to buy but get something else because the trust bridge is strong.



Advertising my products and services on the videos is a good idea. The "sign up for coaching" call did generate a good response.

Kindle and paperback books sales during that period are as well up.


This campaign achieved a few things:
  • It generates long term sales for my jealousy product
  • It generates new client sign ups
  • It generates sales fro all my other products
  • It creates trust and positions my expertise in that specific topic
  • It gets people to check out my work and once there, they actually take all sorts of actions which are not directly related with what I am talking about: jealousy for men.
I feel that this last point is actually a universal marketing principle.

I could call it brand positioning.

you advertise one car, people might not buy that specific car but feel connected to the brand and buy the products associated with that brand.

A directive buying incentive like "get the jealousy for men book" actually is a turn off for selling that specific product apparently.

Why? because people don't want to be controlled or do what you tell them to do.

They want to be free!!!

They want to make their own choice.

Selling pressure is a bad thing and no one likes it!

See your reaction when you enter in a shop and you have 3 sales people starring at you and ready to engage on you.

Not a nice feeling! You feel like a prey they want to get.

In other terms, you want to RELAX when you enter a shop!

You don't want to be attacked by marketing messages, right?

When, this happens, it triggers a competitive response and you want to run and get out!


See how it works?

On the other hand if there is no pressure and you give people the space to relax in certain areas of your site and activity, this is where they end up going: in the places where there is no pressure.

Got that?

Now, the directive selling call might still play a role in getting the dynamics right.

Yes! It might still be an essential aspect of the selling architecture.


One last point which is pretty essential on that one:

simply posting a one time video will have little impact.

It is a CAMPAIGN that works.

In that case, it is a 10 videos set, on 10 different video sites, converted in MP3 as well and posted on 3 of my podcast channels + posting on my facebook, sending some mailings to my lists.

4 core type of products are being marketed during this campaign:

  • online program
  • paperbacks on amazon
  • ebooks for kindle
  • coaching
This means that what I launched here is a a whole marketing system, not just one video on a youtube channel.

It is the combination of all these possible elements that leads to the success I had last month with this.

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