You will not BELIEVE the progress I have made - SUCCESS STORY

"Hey Francisco, just an update...

The girl that I was involved with, we're currently talking again and in the process seeing what went wrong and trying to move forward.

You will not BELIEVE the progress I have made in terms of my jealousy and control issues. I can now chill when she is on facebook etc talking to other male friends and not have a care in the world.

She has told me about guys hitting on her and trying to get at her and the old me would get all upset and ask why she was talking to them but now I just casually tease her and leave it alone.

I appreciate the fact that she's open enough to tell me about it. She even goes as far as to ask if I want to see conversations or transcripts! I said nah I'm learning to trust you again so you can keep them.

Then I persist and tell her if I saw her out I would hit on her too. I have a new feeling of confidence and now feel as if I can control my emotions in specific situations instead of feelings like a helpless prisoner to my feelings.

I owe a lot of thanks to you man."


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