First date! - My mind goes blank! - I'm thinking how beautiful and warm he is! - Not so cool right? - TIP

True! It's not cool!

Too much sentimentalism and doggy mesmerized eyes makes you appear weak which is a sexual attraction killer.

Here are a couple of fun conversation starters:
  • "So what's the funnest thing you did this week?" - once he gives you an answer, you can follow up and even tease him on what he just said like: "So what you are saying is that you spend your days having conversations with ducks? Hmmm. You are a really interesting guy"
  • "I am hesitating between Thailand and Cuba for my next trip... What do you think?"
  • "Have you been scuba diving before?"
You see topics like travel, friends, parties, movies, music work really well...

This is NOT information exchange.

Be genuinely interested by what he says and get the conversation going by asking follow up questions or commenting on what he says!
  • "True! You are absolutely right"
  • "I love how you look at this"
  • "Whaou! You are good at that"
  • "I see that you know what you want, I like that"
You see, that's validation... You make him feel really good about himself.

Here and there, you tease him a bit...

"You say that but deep inside, you just want to be the charming prince and take care of a girl for the rest of your life..."

Remember it must be fun!

After a few minutes chatting with you he must be like: "What a fun and confident girl!" "I want to do that again!"

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