How can you get your power back after a break up? - TIP

Refocus your energy!

Start light dating after the first 2-3 weeks!

Gain back control over your personal foundation! For instance if you were married or living with your partner, secure where you will live and how you make a living.

90% of the solution is the mind! Realize that this is a battle! Nothing and no one will stop you from being happy! Happiness is a space you need to fight for! It's like a territory to conquer!

Once you shift to battle mode and consciously DECIDE to win this challenge, absolutely nothing will stop you.

A coach expert in breakups can of course help you develop the right mind sets and guide you in stepping out of the victim role into a winning mind set.

You are beautiful being and have so much to offer! Millions of new potential partners out there are ready to date you!

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