I still feel guilty about seeing other men - How can I shift that? - TIP


In break up cases, it's not like you are doing something wrong.

You are free! You are dating new men.

In this case guilt is a useless emotion!

It drains your energy, destroys your confidence and the chemistry you could establish with the new men you date.

Don't let that happen!

Take control of your thoughts and emotions and as soon as you see even an inch of guilt creeping in, DESTROY IT!

Guilt is USELESS!

As a general idea, when you have emotions like guilt popping in your mind, here are some new thought forms you can use.

The goal is to gain power and recondition yourself.

Use this type of empowering self talk affirmations:
  • I am free - He's breaking up - I can see whoever I want
  • I am a free man and if he's my friend he will be happy for me
  • I want a new relationship and will get it!
  • Nothing and no one will stop me from meeting fantastic men and developing new relationships!
  • Etc.
Remember that in your ex's mind he might want to keep you were you are.

It IS a battle for power and happiness, and even if you want to stay friends, he is usually on your way, when you try to meet someone else.

He might judge silently what you do with your love life or resent it.

Why? Because you are giving your life and energy to someone else.

It's a battle for energy and attention.

It's competition on an energy level.

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