If suppressive tactics don’t work, why do people keep using them? - ARTICLE

It’s quite simple actually!

It’s because they don’t see possible alternatives.

Another element has to do with marketing hype!

Most diets out there are BUSINESSES!

They are aimed at making money!

And they use YOU to achieve their goals!

They often keep you hooked on products and services that they know will most probably fail.

BUT they make tons of money in the process!

When you are out there, looking for a solution to this weight loss issue, you will try things and trust!

There is nothing wrong with that.

If they promise results they can’t sustain or deliver on the long term, we can of course question their ethics and motives.

Saying that you are the victim of a vast marketing conspiracy is quite accurate.

Now that you know this, it’s useless to keep denying it.

You can try over and over again to dive into suppressive approaches or wake up now and look for other options!

This is what I will try to highlight in this book!

This is a wake up call to help you find solutions that actually work!

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