More suppressive tactics - ARTICLE

The skipping meals example is just one situation many people face.

Many more suppressive tactics are used all the time.

Here are some examples:

  • Radically shifting your diet overnight.
  • Deciding to stop eating meat.
  • Trying to radically control meal portions.
  • Trying to remove all fats from any meal.
  • Etc.

Not all suppressive tactics are bad!

It’s only when it is overdone that it hurts your success!

In my experience, some suppression or discipline is fantastic!

I use discipline myself all the time!

It’s only when you need too much of it that you will most likely fail.

For instance progressively shifting to eating more fresh products is a positive choice that requires at least some discipline.

In the process of doing so, you might crave for some junk food and be able to successfully stop that craving by giving your body something healthier.

The question is: “How much discipline or suppression tactics you use?”

In my 10 years successful coaching experience helping people with this type of issue, I feel that the right balance is this one:

10% discipline – 90% fun

Discipline = Will power, structure, suppressive tactics, etc.

Fun = Flow, instinct, inspiration, etc.

I believe that using some suppressive tactics is good!

You need some discipline and will power to succeed with dietary changes.

The problem arises when the will power you need to make specific changes is too high!

If it requires way too much effort and you rely mainly on will power to get results, you will soon run out of motivation and fall back in the old habits.

The way to use less will power when making changes is to focus on smaller steps you can easily afford.

This is one key!

The second essential key is to create an environment which is conductive to make these changes.

Here is an example:

Suppose that you decide to start training.

You want to do it all alone.

You decide to go jogging by yourself every day, 5 days/week.

That’s the high will power and difficult way to do it.

Here is another way:

  • You sign up at the local gym which has tons of exciting classes and fantastic installations including a pool.
  • You make new friends and flirt a bit when you get there.
  • You decide to train with an exercise buddy.
  • A couple of times a week, you decide to still jog outdoor to ad variation.

See what happened?

You just created an environment which supports the changes you want to make.

It is now fun to make these changes.

You no longer carry the whole “getting fit” responsibility on your shoulders.

You have a fitness trainer at the class who motivates you.

Your training buddy comes to get you for a quick session after work.

The fact that you have now a support structure gives you the tools to win your fitness challenges.

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