What's the best way to get over a break up? - TIP

The first most essential strategy is damage control. There are 3 essential areas you need to protect when a break up hits you: your career, your heath, your social life.

What does that mean? It means that a break up can have a devastating snow ball effect and negatively impact on these other areas of your life.

Protect yourself! Realize that your life is under attack and that you need to shift to battle mode! This is a fight for survival and emotional victory!

Protecting your career means staying 100% professional - Don't bring these personal break up issues to work - Don't talk about it - Stay focused on what you are paid for.

Protecting your health means sleeping well, hitting the gym, staying fit, eating healthy, avoiding alcohol or drugs and so on. The guidelines for wellness and vitality are always the same but when a break up hits you, the risk of overeating or letting yourself go is way higher. You feel like you run out of will power and let go. Time to wake up and fight back!

Social life? Don't isolate yourself! Go out, respond to invitations! That's essential! This will take your mind off the break up - When you meet new people stay away from break up topics and focus on fun things instead - If you feel like you need to share, select a special time with a close friend, a coach or therapist. This will give you safe space to share your story and get a solid power boost.

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