Both women and men get often hit really hard by a break up.

Why is that?

Because the vision they had for their lives suddenly collapses.

Imagine that you build up a perfect picture of your future with a given person and suddenly it's gone!

This is why it is so hard to deal with.

It is because it requires a profound shift in your long term life vision.

A break up means change!

And change is challenging!

Of course you have your fears, shame and what others will say about it.

Somehow guilt can build up and doubts about your self worth creep in too.

The core idea is that a break up is the end, death or destruction of something you cared for.

This core energetic shift creates stress and forces you to adapt to a whole new life condition in which the essential qualities of love, nurturing and mutual support might be dissolved.

You go from being in resonance with another human being to relying just on yourself.

The depression or the break up zone that tries to hit you at that moment is the reflection of that loss.

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