You go for higher calorie foods when you are really hungry! - ARTICLE

In a recent BBC documentary, doctors analyzed how people respond when they are hungry.

They made a brain scan and analyzed how emotions where triggered when shown picture of different types of food.

The first test was to take a group of people, feed them well, put them through a brain scanner while showing them pictures of different types of food.

The photos they were shown were pictures of healthy options like salads and fruits and unhealthy options like cakes and donuts.

The second test was to let them fast for 12 hours and then put them through the brain scanner and show them the same pictures.

Here is what they found:

In the first test, when their stomach was full, the emotional stimulation and desire for high calorie unhealthy foods like cakes and donuts was normal and similar to the desire for healthy options.

In the second test, when they were starving, the desire for high calorie bad foods was way higher.

That’s normal because they are hungry of course.

What is stunning is that when they were hungry the desire for bad options was WAY higher than the desire for healthy options.

In other terms the body is starving and sends out signals that say: “Give me as many calories as you can, fast! I am dying here!”

It’s an instinctual response!

If I lost you with this detailed experiment, here is the key and simple point to remember.

When you are hungry you are way more tempted by bad, high calorie foods!

That’s what you might end up eating because your body’s instinctual need, overpowers your repressive will power.

Got that?

If you remember just one piece of information from this book, this is it!

So I will say it again!

When you are hungry you are way more tempted by bad, high calorie foods!

The conclusion is:

Eat BEFORE your hunger level sky rockets!

If you are even a bit hungry, eat!

And choose healthy options!

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