ebook length - how many pages sell best?

Right now, I am not sure how long does an ebook need to be for it to tell.

My instinct tells me that sales increase with number of pages.

20 pages or less will sell very poorly

100+ pages will sell better.

I think that 30-100 pages could be ok.

Let's check this for this month:

for this month, here are the numbers:
  • 20+ pages - 1 sale
  • 50+ pages - 7 sales
  • 100+ pages - 3 sales
  • 150+ pages - 15 sales
  • 200+ pages - 6 sales
what's important and essential is that books with less than 50 pages, only one sale and the only sale I got with this page numbers, the customer mentioned it to me saying that it was a bit short.

I do have many books at under 50 pages and quite a few at even under 20 pages.

the ones that are at under 20 pages are business books, like synergy and job interviews.

I know that some of them did sell in previous months but I do believe I could easily ad value and content.

It's a bit like going to the movies.

You often don't check the length of the movie before you go but if the movie was 30 min and you were charged the same as a full length movie, you could feel a bit cheated.

you won't feel cheated though if the content is fantastic and your experience mind blowing.

You won't mind the price.

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